Pickleball Coffee 

Our coffee is air roasted.

The air roaster relies on fluidized bed of hot air to roast the beans.

The hot air fluid bed floats the beans allowing them to roast on all sides at a consistent temperature throughout the process.

During the roast when the bean loses its chaff (the bean skin). The continuous hot air passing through the roast chamber blows the chaff out before it can settle.

The chaff does not BURN or SMOKE

This produces smooth, clean, better tasting coffee...especially in our Dark Roasts

Drum Roasted

The drum roaster relies on very high steel drum temperatures with slower bean and air movement to roast the beans.

When the bean loses it chaff (the bean skin) most of this very flammable chaff remains in the drum.

It rides on the tumbling beans and burns and smokes.

The smoke fumigates all other beans, effecting and masking the natural flavors of the coffee

Giving them a harsh, bitter taste - or a burnt taste